Florida Legislative Session 2017

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Florida Legislative Session 2017

HB 515 (Watson) / SB 1162 (Rader) Companion Animal Protection Act             

Directs animal shelters to take certain measures relating to the holding, treatment, & euthanasia of animals; provides exceptions; provides for declaratory or injunctive relief actions.

Status: No hearing, died in committee.

HB 17 (Fine) & SB 1158 (Passidomo) (Not Companion Bills) Local Regulation Preemption         

Local Regulation Preemption; Prohibits certain local governments from imposing or adopting certain regulations on businesses, professions, & occupations after certain date; preempts to state regulations concerning businesses, professions, & occupations; provides exceptions to preemption.

Status: Passed 1 House committee; died.

HB 743 (Smith) / SB 515 (Young) Steroids in Greyhound Racing                             

Provides that positive test result for anabolic steroids in greyhound results in violation.

Status: Passed House, passed 2 Senate Committees, died in Senate.

HB 7037 (La Rosa) / SB 8 (Galvano) Gaming                                                                                       

SB 8 included a measure to decouple greyhound racing from other forms of gaming and require injury reporting by greyhound tracks. HB 7037, however, prohibited decoupling for 20 years.

Status: Passed Senate/House, withdrawn from Conference Committee on Gaming; died.

HB 871 (Ingoglia) / SB 1628 (Young) Animal Abuser Registry                                                      

Requires FDLE to post publicly accessible list on its website of persons convicted of specified animal abuse offenses; requires each clerk of court to forward notice of animal abuse conviction to FDLE within specified time; provides requirements for list; specifies period for listing; provides for removal of listing if conviction is expunged or sealed; requires FDLE to send annual notice to specified entities; authorizes probation conditions to prohibition certain persons from having certain responsibilities for or association with animals.

Status: Passed 1 House committee; died.

HB 1375 (J. Grant) / SB 1374 (Perry) Specialty License Plates                                                      

Revises presale specialty license plate voucher requirements; prohibits development of new plates except under certain circumstances; provides requirements for issuance of such plates; [. . . .] revises design of, deletes provisions relating to, revises distribution of proceeds from sale of, & directs DHSMV to create certain plates.

Status: Passed House, died.

HB 627 (Moskowitz) / SB 320 (Steube) Dogs in Vehicles                                                               

Requires person transporting a dog in certain areas of certain vehicles or trailers to secure dog; provides penalty; provides exceptions; preempts regulation of transportation of dogs in vehicles to state; declares void certain ordinances/rules adopted by local governments; requires court to declare such ordinances/rules invalid & issue permanent injunction.

Status: No hearing, died in committee.

SB 212 Animal Hoarding  (Steube)                                                                                                                          

Prohibiting animal hoarding; providing penalties and remedies for animal hoarding, etc.

Status: Died, no House companion.

HB 151 (Brodeur and Moskowitz) / SB 416 (Montford) Dogs in Court

Provides that judges may allow use of certain therapy animals or facility dogs in proceedings involving abuse, abandonment, or neglect; allows such animals to be used when taking testimony of certain other persons.

Status:  Passed. Signed by officers and presented to the Governor (5/4).

HB 979 (Hardemon) / SB 1466 (Campbell) Pet Dealers

Requires pet dealers to only sell or offer for sale dogs procured from humane society, animal shelter, or person or entity who has not been adjudicated and issued certain citations for violating federal Animal Welfare Act; prohibits unlicensed commercial dog breeder from selling dog to pet dealer; requires pet dealer to retain certain records for specified period after sale; provides penalties.

Status: No hearing, died in committee.

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