2018 Legislative Positions

This year’s session was not short of animal related bills introduced to the Florida legislature.  Below, is an abstract of all of the 2018 Florida Legislative session’s animal related bills.

HB 823 Lost or Stray Dogs or Cats Requires that specified entities that take receivership of lost or stray dogs or cats shall adopt written policies and procedures to ensure that every reasonable effort is made to quickly and reliably return animals to their owners; provides requirements for such policies and procedures; requires that specified records be available to public.

HB 823 has been filed in the House by Rep. Cruz and Rep. Gruters.


UPDATE: SB 1576 Passed the Legislature and was signed by the Governor!

Ponce’s Law: The bill strengthens Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code designation of animal cruelty convictions and provides discretion for judges to include no contact with animal orders to those adjudicated guilty.  The bill revises classification of aggravated animal cruelty from a Level 3 sentencing violation to a Level 5 and authorizes court to prohibit aggravated animal cruelty violators from owning or having contact with animals.

Bills have been filed in both the Senate and in the House. SB 952 was filed by Sen. Greg Steube; HB 473 filed by Rep. Thomas Leek.

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UPDATE: SB Ponce’s Law passed the Legislature and was signed by the Governor!

Animal Cruelty: Prohibiting the malicious or capricious killing of dogs or cats; providing penalties

SB 200 has been filed by Sen. Greg Steube.


UPDATE: SB 200 died in committee.

Steroid Use in Racing Greyhounds:  Providing that a positive test result for anabolic steroids in certain samples taken from a greyhound violates the prohibition on the racing of animals that are impermissibly medicated or determined to have a prohibited substance present, etc.

Bills have been filed in both the Senate and in the House. SB 674 was filed by Sen. Dana Young; HB 463 was filed by Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith and Rep. Randy Fine.

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UPDATE: SB 674/HB 463 died in committee.

Companion Animal Public-Private Partnership Act:
Prohibits animal shelters from euthanizing animals under certain conditions; authorizes animal shelters to assess certain fees; provides exceptions.

HB 249 has been introduced by Rep. Barbara Watson in the House and SB 1356 has been filed by Senator Kevin Rader.

READ HB 249          READ SB 1356

UPDATE: SB 1356/HB 249 died in committee.

Animal Importation: Prohibits shelters, organizations, agencies, & individuals from importing animals into this state.

Bills have been filed in both the Senate and in the House. SB 132 was filed by Sen. Greg Steube; HB 153 by Rep. Elizabeth Porter.

READ SB 132          READ HB 153

UPDATE: SB 132/HB 153 died in committee.

Emergency Evacuation of Domestic Companion and Service Animals: Prohibits leaving domestic companion animal or service animal outdoors & unattended when area has been ordered evacuated; specifies alternatives if such animal cannot be evacuated with owner.

HB 907 has been filed by Rep. Olszewski and SB 1376 by Sen. Torres.

READ HB 907          READ SB 1376

UPDATE: SB 1376/HB 907 died in committee.

 Animal Hoarding: Defining the term “animal hoarding”; prohibiting animal hoarding

SB 86 has been introduced in the Senate by Sen. Dorothy Hukill.


UPDATE: SB 86 died in committee.

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